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With each passing day, the launch date for the newest OS for mobile gizmos and desktop ones is getting closer and closer.

At the event in San Francisco Apple’s iPhones, iPads, and Apple TV set were center stage, however the upcoming launch dates for the iOS 9 and the newest OS X El Capitan were also set.

Launch dates for iOS 9 & OS X El Capitan

So, apparently iOS 9 will come out on September 16 and will be up for grabs for the following devices:

  • iPhone 4s
  • iPod touch (5th gen)+
  • iPad 2 +
  • iPad mini series as well.

The iOS 9 was first heard of back in June at the WWDC annual event. Ever since then, updates have been coming out to the public beta, so that developers can try them out. As for the features that come in the iOS 9 these include: top-notch Siri multitasking elements, the split view mode, Note app, News App and important upgrades to the Apple Pay functionality. So when you will switch from iOS 8.4 to the iOS 9 update, you should know that you will need 1.3 GB of space.

But, the launch date for the OS X 10.11 moniker El Capitan hasn’t been blurred out yet by Apple. Moreover the El Capitan’s official page says that the launch date will be on September the 30th. The date might have been mentioned in passing during a live presentation by Craig Federighi, Apple’s senior VP( head of the software engineering department).

El Capitan was also first heard of at the WWDC event back in June. The new OS will roll out with the ability to launch the apps and email retrieval way faster. And the thing that this has in common with the iOS 9 is the fact that it will also have the split view mode included.

Besides, El Capitan will have changes regarding the Mail (when in full screen mode) and the integration with the calendar will be improved.

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