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ComScore, a digital media analytics firm recently made its report on the latest U.S. market share available to the public.

According to the company, Facebook, Apple and Google are the companies that rule the mobile market in the United States.

The latest report comes with data based on the core trends in the month of July 2015 with respect to the U.S. smartphone market. The report takes into account the top original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), top platforms as well as top apps and in so doing; it will be revealed key trends in this niche.

Apple still the best OEM, Google losing out to Facebook in app rankings

According to comScore, the company that manufactures the best smartphones is Apple and of the total OEM market share, Cupertino managed a massive 44.2% share. Samsung was ranked as the second best OEM after Apple, but Google made its statement clear when it comes to the top smartphone platform thanks to its amazing 51.4% market share. On the other hand, Facebook tops the ranks as the best smartphone app followed by its chat app, Facebook Messenger.

On the list of the top 15 apps released by comScore, the apps remained the same except for the earlier change mentioned (Facebook Messenger and YouTube). Despite Facebook Messenger dethroning YouTube, Google still has the lion’s share of the whole list of smartphone apps available here. After YouTube, other Google apps that come in are Google Search, Google Play, Google Maps and Gmail. The new Apple Music now comes in at position 14, taking the place of the iTunes Radio app while the list was finalized by Snapchat at position 15.

Surprisingly, WhatsApp is not listed on this list of top 15 most popular smartphone apps because the company just announced that it now serves more than 900 million people on a monthly basis. Perhaps this is because WhatsApp is not very popular in the U.S. as it is in Asia.

Android still enjoys the larger smartphone market share than iOS, Windows Phone, and BlackBerry

As noted earlier, Apple is the top ranked manufacturer when it comes to OEMs, taking up a massive 44.2% of the total U.S. smartphone subscribers. Samsung only manages 27.3% while LG stands at 8.7%. Other players in the top 5 OEM smartphone manufacturers are Motorola with 4.9% and HTC with 3.9%. ComScore reveals that as of July 2015, the smartphone market penetration stands at 77.1% of the total 191.4 million people that own smartphones in the U.S.

When talking about the platform market share, there is no doubt Android leads all the way. This Google-based open source mobile operating system has a total market penetration of 51.4% as opposed to the iOS’s 44.2% market penetration. Microsoft comes in with a total market share of 2.9% while BlackBerry and Symbian have less than 1.5% market penetration.