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Daum Kakao, the CEO of Kakao messaging service introduces in-chat feature in Kakao Talk Channel that allow users to share photos, videos and content directly from the chat room of Kakao Talk, while enjoying conversation or watching interesting content on the app.

These two features are a unique addition to this instant messaging service. The makers of this app have taken a step towards making the lives of people easy and joyful where they can build up new connections with people in their everyday lives.

This Kakao Talk search feature allows users to get search results from the web without any need to leave the chat room of Kakao talk. The users need to tap on the chat icon located at the bottom right area of the app. Users need to type text or keyword in that box like they do in search engines for getting results. Once the results are attained, they can share the content with their friends without the need to leave the chat room.

Kakao Talk searches option features

This Kakao Talk in-chat search option offers some features to users. Let’s have a look at them.

  • Kakao search option eliminates cumbersome searching and sharing a practice that is often noticed in most of these modern messaging apps. With this search option, users don’t need to depart the app for sharing search content with friends. They can now do it directly from the chat room of Kakao Talk.
  • Users can open multiple tabs on this in-chat search feature. They can search on multiple topics according to their requirements and can share search results with friends directly from the app.
  • Search results in Kakao Talk are separated into categories, allowing users to search across various fields to get the results of their choice. For example, after searching about the app Kakao, users can search across different fields such as apps, articles, and blogs, and share that information with friends easily.
  • The search results in Kakao Talk appear in an informative and concise pattern. This makes previewing results from the platform comparatively easy. Users can also tap on the search result link on the same page to get more detail information about any shared topic or subject.
  • Users can find contents on any topic easily by conducting a mobile This search feature of Kakao Talk helps people to find and share important information with others in just a minute. A huge number of search categories are created to cater to the needs of people. These include latest movies, entertainment, videos, photos of celebrities and latest trends, etc. which people search every day. In fact, if anyone wants to get information about nearby restaurants, it can be done instantly through this app.

Considering the needs of people, makers of Kakao has integrated a search feature specially optimized especially for mobiles. With the beginning of in-chat feature of Kakao Talk, Daum Kakao has officially introduced Kakao talk channel, a search hub where users can get useful and interesting contents on various things such as fashion, sports, online comics, videos and many more.

Therefore, the most interesting and important innovation of Daum Kakao is KakaoTV. It is a social media service that lets users watch and share content directly from the app. However, this service will only be limited to the people of South Korea for the time being, and it is hoped that it will soon be launched for the people across the globe.

The makers of Kakao TV believe that the invention of it marks the beginning of a new platform in the world of instant messaging. This feature allows people to look for something on the internet without any need to leave the chat room.