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Are you a regular user of WhatsApp? Have you heard of WhatsApp Plus?

Well, while many people might be using WhatsApp on their smartphones for instant messaging purposes, there are very few of them who have probably heard of WhatsApp Plus, leave alone using it.

If you are hearing the term WhatsApp Plus for the first time, don’t fret. It’s just a modified version of WhatsApp that brings to the fold an advanced mode of features that are available on the official messenger. Things in the clone app camp have started to heat up as more and more updates keep coming out. The bad side of the story is that WhatsApp Plus is currently available for Android users alone.

WhatsApp Plus 2.22 APK is the latest version for Android users

The new version of WhatsApp Plus 2.22 APK is now available for free download for all Android users. As a reminder, this application is not available via the Google Play Store as it was removed from the company sometime back, following the request of the developers of the official app. At some point, WhatsApp Plus was banned from use by the Facebook-owned WhatsApp, but the latest version is an update to the ban-free version that was released following this ban.

Even though the app was banned, and it’s not available in the Play Store, it can still be installed on any Android device. However, unlike the automated Play Store downloads, updates and installations, downloading and installing this clone WhatsApp Plus 2.22 APK will require a physical effort. But before you go ahead and download the latest version of this app, here is a look at some of the features that make this app sweeter than the official WhatsApp.

WhatsApp Plus features

One thing that has made WhatsApp Plus an advanced app than WhatsApp is the customization options the app offers. It is possible to tweak almost every setting of the app, be it the appearance, colors, themes, fonts and even the icon size. These feature you won’t find on the official app.

If you are unhappy with the maximum of 16MB the original app allows for attaching files, it is time to switch your allegiance to WhatsApp Plus where you can get up to 50MB for attaching files. What this means is that unlike with the original app which shrinks the size of files in order to meet the 16MB provision and in the end mess up with the quality of the message, the clone app does deliver the original message as the sender sent it.

While in the chat screen, you will be able to see the status of your friend, a feature that requires you to open a contact before accessing it when using the official app. There are numerous themes that you can choose from in a bid to customize the look of the app into something you like.

How to install WhatsApp Plus 2.22 APK for Android  

As noted earlier, WhatsApp Plus 2.22 APK cannot be downloaded directly from the Play Store. However, there are plenty of sites where you can get this app from, among them APKMirror. Visit the site on your mobile browser and download this app.

Before you install the app, you must tweak security/apps settings such that the phone allows installations from Unknown Sources. Another thing you must also do is create a backup of your chats and uninstall the current WhatsApp. When these are done, you are good to go with installation of WhatsApp Plus 2.22 APK for Android.

Head to the downloaded APK file and tap on it. The installation will take a few seconds and when asked for a phone number, enter the registered number. This will give you back the previous conversations you had on the official platform, but you must first accept to restore chat history when installation of WhatsApp Plus is done.