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The news that have been circulating online about a potential update for the GTA 5 (Online version) started to make gamers really enthusiastic. Funmw2, a highly-appreciated informer claimed that this update might roll out this week.

Of course the turmoil has begun, so Youtubers and fans as well as well members of the forum started to considered several possibilities regarding the content and the DLC names for the game. Reminder: July was the last month in which Rockstar rolled out a GTA 5 update.

On his Twitter account, Funmw2 posted hints that Rockstar will hotfix modified armour as well as the snack values and the ammo. The tipster also stated that modified snack choices will no longer be available for gamers.

During a Q&A session the GTA 5 informer along with YouTuber Mr BossFTW discussed with avid gamers about the upcoming September update and the need for new content regarding the last generation consoles. During these discussions, some fans expressed their desire of seeing the casino reopened while some wish to see a bridge built between Las Ventures and San Fierro and the wishlist goes on.

22nd of September: Will the update roll out before this date?

GTA Forum members are really eager to see if Rockstar’s words will become true. The company claimed that the Rockstar Editor will come out “sometime this summer” and the hot season ends on the 22nd of September. Some forum members think that Rockstar is trying to elude the launch date as much as possible so that devotees don’t get disappointed if the deadline is not met.

Let us recall the fact that Rockstar never releases official information before a new DLC is launched. We can go back here to when the Hipster DLC came out or the Independence Day DLC