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It seems that the Google Nexus 6 (2015) release date will be delayed, because Huawei is currently working on developing a dual-edge smartphone with 2.5K display.

According to previous rumors, the LG Nexus 5X and the Huawei Nexus 6 (2015) were supposed to be open for pre-orders starting from October 13, 2015. However, it seems that the release date of the upcoming phablet will be delayed until next year.

The dual-edge smartphone that will feature a 2.5K display will be supplied by Samsung. We remind you that both the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge and the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Plus came with displays curved on both sides and, currently, there are more and more smartphone makers who are catching up with the dual-edge smartphone trend.

According to rumors, Xiaomi, the Chinese smartphone manufacturer, has been working on its own “Mi Edge” smartphone which has a dual-edge display, while LG, the South Korean company, is also preparing to release its new LG G Edge smartphone.

According to Softpedia, Huawei’s upcoming dual-edge smartphone will feature Samsung’s quad HD display which will support a resolution of 1440×2560 pixels. Unfortunately, for now there is no information about the specifications and features that this upcoming smartphone will have.

If rumors are right, Huawei will manufacture 3 million units of this smartphone every month. Google will most likely confirm the delay of the upcoming Nexus 6 (2015) smartphone when it will announce the Nexus 5X. The big searching company will announce the upcoming Nexus 5X this month.

We’re sure that nobody expected this delay and this will make a lot of Nexus fans very frustrated. However, we’re sure that there are a lot of people who are waiting for the Nexus 5X release date and there are high chances that this device will hit the stores this fall.