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Although most people used to believe that men loved to play games and were better playing these games.

Annual reports by the ESA, which is the Entertainment Software Association on the video gaming industry showed vast numbers and figures; however, one set of information is changing the face of the gaming world. This Association found that women are now gaining more insight and love becoming part of the gaming community and being very close, and this figure shows they are overtaking men.

The Real Statistics of this New

After women took a slight dip in the gaming industry in 2013, the report that was brought out states that 48% of all gamers in the United States are female, and this shows an 8% increase since 4 years ago. There are so many different reasons that explain why the number of female gamers has increased.

Some Reasons Why Women are playing More

One reason women are playing more games today is due to the advancement in mobile technology and also the unique designs, colors, themes and story lines these games come with. The use of smartphones and other devices are on an increase, with women in the lead where the use of these game formats are concerned. Based on a report by an analytics firm Flurry, more and more women are spending huge sums of money playing games like Clash of Clans, Candy Crush Saga and Temple Run 2.

Why Do Women Spend Money on These Games

Although these games are free to download and play, they come with in-app purchases that you will completely love and appreciate. Today, a lot of women love to play Temple Run 2, and this is amazing because of how weird even some men consider the game to be.

The truth though is that women do not mind spending money to buy in-app purchases like men do. Also, women love to play puzzle and social games, and this game with its unique graphics and colors makes it interesting for them. This is why it is no surprise women have become big spenders in the gaming world.

Women Clearly Do Not Like Console Games

It is no news that men love console games than women do. This is why the introduction of these new games on mobile devices and phones has become the best alternative and a much better option.