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The Surface Pro 3 device has definitely gained a spot in user’s hearts, but Microsoft isn’t stopping here. It’s time to pass on the title and make room to Microsoft’s new Surface Pro 4 device, which will be unveiled in the month of October.

As noted by Digitimes, the Surface Pro 4 will most likely come out in 2 different displays, one being a 12-inch and the other a 14-inch one. Even if the displays vary in inches, they have identical pixels resolutions, 2,160×1,440 for both devices. And the good news with this new Surface Pro device is that users will have all its predecessor’s accessories, including the Type Covers as well as the docking station.

Under the hood, the Surface Pro 4 will be fired-up by Skylake processors. These are no ordinary processors, they are the next-generation processors that will definitely stir up some waves. The chip that will make the Surface Pro 4 run smooth will outrank the previous chipsets that were included in the Surface Pro 3 gizmo. According to various speculations, the Skylake chip will be accessible in Core i3, Core i5 and Core i7 variants.

As for the stylus that will roll out with the Surface Pro 4, this is presumed to be a lot more touch-sensitive than the one incorporated in the Pro 3.This is because of the improved text recognition elements that belong to Windows 10. Also, most of you will be happy to hear that the battery in this new hybrid device from Microsoft will be way bigger.

Now, we can’t just leave you hanging and not tell you about the price for this device. According to Tech Times, the 12-inch variant of the Surface Pro 4 will cost around $ 800 while the 14-inch one will be $150 more.

October seems to be an important month for Microsoft as the titan company plans on unveiling the Lumia handsets, the Band 2 smartwatch and lastly the Surface Pro 4 device.