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According to KH13, the upcoming “Kingdom Hearts 3” will bring some new features such as the Gummi ship system and multiplayer gameplay.

During the D23 event, which took place from 14 to 16 August, 2015, Square Enix, the developer company of the upcoming “Kingdom Hearts 3”, and Disney announced that the game we’ve just mentioned above will feature characters from the “Big Hero 6” animation.

According to Tetsuya Nomura, director at “Kingdom Hearts 3”, his team has just finished the “ground foundations” for the upcoming game. In addition, Nomura said that Square Enix is currently working on bringing some new features along with a few mini-games, Disney worlds and other characters.

Nomura also highlighted that it is much harder to develop the upcoming “Kingdom Hearts 3” for the new consoles, as the new game will have higher quality content compared to some older games.

Square Enix has been busy developing both the “Kingdom Hearts 3” and “Final Fantasy XV”, because the intentions are to showcase the new gameplay features of both of these games during the upcoming D23 Expo in Japan, which will take place from 6 to 8 November, 2015.

There are already three Disney worlds in “Kingdom Hearts 3” such as: “Big Hero 6”, “Hercules” and “Tangled”. However, there are some other Disney worlds that are up for debate, such as: “Brave”, “Frozen” and “Wreck-it Ralph”. There are rumors which say that “Star Wars” and “Marvel” worlds will be included in this upcoming game, as Tai Yasue, the co-director of “Kingdom Hearts 3”, hinted that there is a high possibility for this to happen since both franchises are owned by Disney.

Square Enix will probably announce the official release date for the upcoming “Kingdom Hearts 3” during the D23 Expo event which will be held in Japan, where we will most likely see a gameplay presentation of this upcoming game.

Here is the trailer of upcoming “Kingdom Hearts 3” game: