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Yes, the word is out – 9to5Mac claims that the iPad’s price tag will depend on the storage capabilities. So, for the 32GB version, you might end up paying $799 (or £520). Early reports claim that the iPad Pro might be the 64GB version, however there’s been a slight change of plans and the device can be found in the 32GB version instead. Make no mistake, this is a pretty big storage capacity considering the other iPads that are out there (available in the 16 GB variant).

Expect the premium iPad Pro versions to have the 64GB or the 128GB of storage and the prices for these will hit the $899 as well as the $999 mark.

Be prepared to pay $130 more if you want LTE. So, if you do the math, 128GB LTE iPad Pro version will retail for $1,129. This means it will cost approximately as much as the Retina MacBook.

The new iPad has its own stylus, however Apple is planning on making a brand new one as well as a keyboard cover that will be sold individually. As far as design, the iPad Pro will have a screen resolution of 2732×2048 pixels and will contain front and back end camera snappers.

Something’s up with the sales regarding the Apple tables. A year ago, Apple signed a contract with IBM. This might mean a bright future for Apple as far as sales are concerned, especially once the iPad Pro rolls out.

On Wednesday, besides the launch of the iPad Pro, Apple will also reveal the iPad mini 4 which of course is a step up from its previous sibling, the iPad mini 3 device. When we say a step up we mean an improved camera unit, the fancy split screen functionality and of course the sleek and thin design.