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There is a hidden Android feature that the millions who use this OS might not be aware of.

While the notification system remains to be one of the best features brought about this Google-based mobile operating system, it has turned out to be a nuisance at times.

There are huge chances that you receive lots of notifications on a single day and even though some of these alerts might just be what you were waiting for on your phone, there are some that end up being an irritation. You may end up receiving a notification alert from an app that matters less to you.

Well, the questions of whether you need a notification to remind you of every aspect that you indulge in using your phone or not arise. For instance, is there a need for you to keep getting a constant reminder that you are to play a certain game just so that you may be rewarded with some stupid points? Well, if you feel bothered with such notifications, you are in the right place as this piece of article will help you just take care of that.

How the feature works

One thing that you need to know is that this trick only works for those using devices installed with Android 5.0 Lollipop and above. If you are using a device that has an OS that is lower than this or a heavily customized version such as Huawei, you are out of luck.

As long as your device has a standard notification screen, you can make use of a small trick and take care of the notifications that keep bothering you when you need some piece of mind. What you need is to find the notification that you want to stop, press, and hold on it. After a while, the notification will take another format and present itself as an info icon or in certain cases, you will see a setting cog.

Tap on this new info icon and you will see the notification settings of the app pop up. Using this setting, you will be able to turn directly them off or even choose to limit them such that they do not appear as often as before.

So, there you have it. If you have had any issues with unwanted notifications from apps you rarely use or don’t care a lot about, you can now take care of them in a quick and easy way.