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The inevitable has finally happened because Fallout 4 was supposed to be a retro game with next gen graphics. But, Bethesda has no choice in an era of pay per game, paid resources, DLCs and season passes.

They have to include downloadable content for Fallout 4, and people have to pay for it if they want to expand the wastelands further to continue walking.

In other words, the price-conscious buyers may not enjoy this fact, but the developers want them to pay more to get $40 worth of additional content. The base game is $60 but if you go for a special edition, it may cost extra for sure, probably hundreds.

Optional Season Pass

While Bethesda says that the season pass for Fallout 4 is strictly optional, and people will not miss much by not purchasing it, the pass priced at $30 does sound mandatory. The developers are yet to discuss the content and the upcoming DLCs. But, at this price point, it is evident that there will be plenty of new maps, storyline and characters to explore. When so much is going around the Fallout universe, ardent fans can hardly say no to it.

The developing team confirmed that Fallout 4 will be a title that will continue to evolve from day one. There will be plenty of patches, bug fixes and gameplay improvements based on player feedback. While huge games like Skyrim and Fallout tend to have many of them, it is good to see the developers trying to fix them all up. It may not be the perfect game on launch but could become best eventually, in a matter of months.

Content Creation Kit

The team is also planning to release a creation kit for Fallout 4. Using this dedicated tool, players will be able to create mods on their own and add it to the game. Modifications play a crucial role in expanding the life of game titles. Skyrim continues to be in the industry because there is a new mod for the game almost every month, and the fan community simply refuses to stop making them.

Fallout is a long running series that had a massive seven-year break, and Fallout 4 is one game that is expected to keep players busy for another two or three years. In that case, it’s not surprising to see mods becoming so popular even before the game’s official launch.