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Facebook launched its personal assistant called M, and you will get it at the right corner side of the Facebook Messenger that you use every day.

M stands for the messenger. The Facebook developers have described M as a personal assistant that can be found inside the messenger that completes and finds information on behalf of the user. This app has powered with digital intelligence that has been trained by people. Previously, it was rumored that users will find a human component in Facebook messenger.

However, now, the truth comes out in front of people that Facebook has introduced M, which will work as its personal assistant.

How M works?

Unlike those AI based services in the market, M can complete any task on your behalf. It can buy any item, deliver gifts to your loved ones, book travel tickets, restaurants, doctor’s appointments, etc. the service of M can be defined as at-scale service. The Facebook makers have taken an exciting step with the launch of M that enables users to get things done in different fields, and they can concentrate more on their personal lives.

To try this new feature of Facebook Messenger, users need to tap on a small button placed at the bottom of the messenger to send a note like they do while sending messages via Facebook messenger. The software in M decodes only natural language ask users follow-up questions in the message thread. The app will send updates once the task is done. Users won’t be able to catch whether the application is backed by human assistance or not unlike that Cortana and Siri.

Features of Facebook M

Unlike other instant messaging apps, you cannot control Facebook M with voice, and this is the only feature that sets it apart from other messaging apps. Some popular apps like Microsoft Cortana, Google Now, and Apple’s Siri rely completely on technology and, therefore, their services are limited. Facebook M is a hybrid program backed by a human assistant and able to solve any query according of the customers.

With this app, you can buy flowers for your loved ones, book restaurants, etc. Even it can advise you on where to take your girlfriend on a date and what gift should you give her. The functions of this app are based on response time, and it varies from 2 seconds to 2 hours without knowing whether the app will rely on your words or not.

The main aim of Facebook M is to assist people in doing their daily life tasks. This mainly works as a digital assistant that one can access through Facebook messenger. With the launch of this app, Facebook Messenger has acquired more than 600 million registered users across the globe. It will not take much time for Messenger users to recognize that this M can accomplish tasks much faster than standard digital apps.

Therefore, it proves very effective for users in accomplishing daily tasks. Even this app can perform tasks that none of the others can do as it uses artificial intelligence for completing any task.

The main aim of Facebook developers is to make this messenger the one stop solution for customers, and this is the creation that caters to the needs of people. However, this service will be a bit sophisticated to figure it out, but as soon as you open the app, you will get to know everything easily.

Moreover, you will get customer service round the clock from the customer service department of Facebook. One can use this M for arranging dinner party with families and friends and therefore one does not need to bear ant tension for booking table in a restaurant, Facebook M will do it on your behalf.