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The Apple Watch is one of the most amazing creations that Cupertino has ever created. A device that is more than just a simple wrist watch, the Apple Watch has once again received a boost in its quest to become the best wearable ever.

Users of this gadget can now smile happily as Facebook Messenger has now officially made its way to this platform and it will directly on the application. What this means is that the application will now be downloadable from the official iTunes App Store and installed on the watch.

Apple Watch to receive a new OS upgrade in a week’s time

Apple made news when it introduced the Apple Watch with a price of about $18,000 for the gold edition. While there are some who saw this as a ridiculous price, there are those who see the quality in this product and they see no reason as to why they shouldn’t have one or two editions for separate occasions.

If you own one of these device’s editions, you will be glad to know that Apple will roll out an upgrade to the watch’s operating system this coming week, probably on September 16. During the same update, the Apple Watch will also receive other apps other than the Facebook Messenger chat app. These include the translation tool known as iTranslate as well as the GoPro camera remote app.

The upcoming apps will be able to run directly on the watch, a change that is believed to be leveraging the updates that come with the new OS. This change comes following Apple’s promise in June that it will be changing the WatchKit software such that developers can come up with apps that can run directly from the watch rather than sync them with iPhones.

Will additional apps convince more users into buying the Apple Watch?

According to Apple CEO Tim Cook, the Apple Watch is helping people live better by each day, and the availability of popular apps on this platform even makes things more interesting for the users. The Apple Watch has not had the success Apple expected as people are still divided on whether to get an additional computer to their wrists to add to what they already have in their pockets, bags and at home.

It would take a lot to convince potential buyers of the Apple Watch by simply adding more features to the device. At the same time, there are competing firms such as Samsung, Motorola and Google, who are coming up with some amazing devices in the wearable niche.