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Whenever an Apple Keynote takes place, it is obvious that the company will talk about the iPhone, iPad, and other devices.

The newest addition to the family is the Apple Watch, and the September 2015 keynote brought some added features to it.

The Apple Watch, which is a smart watch, now runs on the brand new Watch OS 2. In comparison, the new operating system is much more fluid, easy to use, has multiple hand gestures to interact with apps and makes sure that users don’t hurt their wrist trying to make good use of the gadget they purchased.

Wide Range of Watch Faces

A smart watch is never complete unless you could change its background and create unique watch faces from time to time. Apple Watch promises to let users get it done with the latest version of the operating system. It supports dozens of new faces including ones that are inspired by popular wallpapers. The additions include photographs of famous landmarks in London, New York, Paris, and Hong Kong among other locations.

Users will also be able to use time lapse videos as watch faces, a particular photo from their phone storage or the cloud. Another option is to pick an album with a bunch of photos. Every time you raise your wrist, a new image will pop up from the collection to put a smile on your face.

Multiple Information at Once

The Complications screen can be customized in more ways, making it easy for you to see all the information at once in the Apple Watch screen. Everything, including the time, temperature, top news story and your next flight’s departure can be displayed on the same page. Apple claims that complications will make your life easier, especially with the added features that Watch OS 2 brings to the table.

Nightstand Mode

Watch OS 2 brings a Nightstand Mode, which converts the Apple Watch into an alarm clock on the desk. Users have to connect it to the charger, and it will automatically create a luminescent digital display to imitate an alarm clock. The crown will be used to switch off or snooze an alarm.

Apart from these new features, a wide collection of apps specifically designed for the Apple Watch will be released in the coming months. A specific release date for Watch OS 2 has not been revealed but it shouldn’t be a long wait, we hope. It just might make some watch owners happy!

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