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Apple had many attempts to extend its roots in the tech industry, but not all products had a huge impact. This doesn’t mean that the company gave up, after failing defeating Sony and Microsoft in the gaming industry. Since 2013, Apple hasn’t released a new generation of Apple TV (the first model was tagged as a gaming unit), but after two years, the moment has arrived, and soon, we’ll have a new version of the device.

Apple TV will come with game-centric features and will stand against the biggest names in the market. One of its most important features will be the new touch-enabled controller, which will still look like a big iPod without the screen, but with a touch-sensitive glass surface. It will be similar also to the PS4’s DualShock touchpad, allowing the users to swipe in the commands.

You’ll notice some buttons which are allocated for the Menu, Pause, Volume and Display slider, plus there is a microphone button which can be used to communicate with Siri. The integration of Siri with the new Apple TV will help the users find TV shows or movies, by saying their names, or to rewind any media by 15 seconds, if they haven’t been paying attention to the conversation in the movie.

The Apple TV controller can be used for gaming purposes, by turning it sideways. Some of the available games which you will enjoy playing are Disney Infinity 3.0, Guitar Hero Live, Rayman Adventures and Shadowmatic.

Later, Crossy Road will have a version for the Apple TV and will come with multiplayer and co-op capabilities. More major game developers expressed their intentions to bring more titles for this platform, and John Carter of Harmonix announced that the company will come with an Apple TV exclusive, called Beat Sports, which will combine music rhythm and party games with sports. In this game, the players will flick their wrist to the music and this way, they’ll hit the baseballs.

The 32GB variant of the Apple TV will be sold for the price of 149 dollars, while the 64GB variant will cost 199 dollars.

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