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A lot of new and interesting things can be found in Apple TV 2015.

Compared to the previous budget friendly models, the new one is higher in terms of pricing but packs a couple of features that would appease Apple fans and normal customers alike.

The touch screen remote control with motion sensing capabilities is the biggest upgrade of them all. While the company claims that it will allow you to play games just like in the Nintendo Wii, there aren’t many first party titles, and it is not going to kill the consoles as touted earlier.

However, the touch screen made of glass is highly responsive, and users can even use it click to open apps, options screen among other actions.

Slick Remote Control

With just six buttons to control volume, home, menu and Siri buttons, it is the slickest remote control yet on a home entertainment system. The remote uses a lightning port for charging and can last for up to three months on moderate usage. “tvOS” is the new interface Apple has been talking about throughout the event that will enable developers to create apps and games, specifically for televisions. They will be similar to the ones found on iPhones and iPads but will be customized to work seamlessly using the touch-friendly remote.

Gaming Features

Motion sensing capabilities of the remote control is a good addition. A couple of games were demonstrated during the event. With Apple TV 2015, players will be able to enjoy titles like Manticore Rising, Rayman Adventures, Shadowmatic, and Transistor. Guitar Hero is one of the anticipated titles on the set top box. It also has a Steelseries gaming controller that will work with select game titles.

Renewed Interface

The Apple TV 2015 features a cleaner, whiter interface that makes it easy to navigate through. Siri has received a solid update that now allows the voice-based virtual assistant to help you find the movies, television series and games you want without difficulty.

Besides, the app based Apple TV is the first of its kind and is expected to revolutionize the world of entertainment. Roku among other boxes may soon follow suit without relying on tablets or smartphones to get the job done. Sometimes, Siri may go wrong but with bug fixes and performance improvements it should do much better in the coming months.

If you are looking for entertainment, Apple TV 2015 is an ideal match but it’s not the best choice for gaming, though.