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The internet is abuzz with comments and criticism about the new Apple Pencil. While Steve Jobs claimed that their products never need a stylus, the followers of the great founder has proved him wrong by launching one.

For people who love Samsung Galaxy Note and Galaxy tablets, a stylus is part and parcel of their life. While using your fingers without having to fumble for an additional accessory is good, big fingers are never precise or accurate in terms of performance. You can never draw a thin line, mark stuff on a presentation or create art without using a sharp object of some sort. With Apple Pencil, the inevitable comparison is here, and we will let you know which one is the best in the end.

Apple Pencil – Hands-on Performance

Our team had the chance to get the Apple Pencil and explore it first hand. Without a doubt, the experience was simply exhilarating because in terms of precision, performance and zero latency easily allowed it to win over Samsung’s stylus.

One of the significant features found in the Pencil is its ability to sense pressure points and tilted angles accurately. Any user would have hardly come across such a high-quality stylus that could seamlessly communicate with a huge tablet as the Apple iPad Pro.

Being an insanely large device measuring at 12.9-inches, the iPad Pro would be tough to handle if not for the Pencil that the company has bundled with it. The additional accessory is a must-have for business users, artists, creators and typically anyone who plans to purchase the large tablet. The only problem is that you have to pay the additional cost to own the Apple Pencil which is insanely high for such a small device, but it’s Apple, what more could a buyer ask for?

Samsung’s Stylus

In comparison, Samsung’s Stylus is a trusted accessory people use with its bigger phones and tablets. While it is hardly the best when it comes to precisely reading your moves, it is cheap, comes bundled with the Note and can help mark things on e-mail, presentation or other applications. It was never designed to be an artist’s tool.

So, we have nothing to complain about especially when it is cost efficient and gets the job done.

The Apple Pencil according to the company works only with the iPad Pro for now and costs a massive $99. If you don’t mind the price, it is easily the best tool to use on the go.

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