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Even before customers could get their hands on the tablet, many have started complaining that the newly launched Apple iPad Pro is too big to handle and may never be adopted by the mainstream market.

While it is too early to make such claims, it is evident that the iPad Pro is exceptionally big with a 12.9-inch display. There are laptops with 15-inch display, whereas the most popular tablets are usually 8-inch or just 7-inch in terms of size. They are compact, convenient to use and can offer better battery life that made the iPad Mini as well as the Nexus popular among buyers.

Besides, it also helps keep pricing at an affordable point. Can the Apple iPad Pro win over the audience despite its shortcomings?

Apple Pencil

The company has been betting a lot on the Apple Pencil, which is a stylus that will cost $99 when it hits the retail market. It may not cost an arm and a leg but if a buyer tries to get the iPad Pro as well as the accessories at the same time, they might probably spend a fortune before they could think about drawing doodles on their huge tablet. Steve Jobs was strictly against using thestylus and preferred human hands over it. He was also against a smaller tablet but eventually the iPad Mini came into being. So, it’s all about breaking the theories he created in the past.

Apple Pencil is good in some elements as it would enable designers and business professionals to create items on the Pro tablet without difficulty. It senses pressure and position like no other stylus in the market that is something that Apple has managed to accomplish with their accessory.

Apple iPad Pro features a 12.9-inch display with a resolution of 2732 x 2048 pixels. It is powered by the A9X mobile processor and is capable of running multiple apps at once. Microsoft Office, Adobe suite are some of the big programs that are arriving to make the Pro work like a laptop, even though it is not going to be one without adopting Mac OS.

Logitech Keyboard Case

The Pro tablet also features a keyboard case developed by Logitech. It is quite similar to the one used by the Microsoft Surface but if you love Apple products, then the iPad Pro may be the one to go for irrespective of the price tag. It’s huge without a doubt and is designed for workplaces than the original iPad that was meant for consumers.