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WhatsApp has recently rolled out an update that brings quite a number of handy features to the platform.

Among the new additions is a set of new emojis that have been introduced to help those who often lack words to represent their feelings or emotions.

Using animated characters in messaging over major apps has turned out into a norm. People prefer using these emoji characters in messages rather than use texts. In addition to this update, users of the latest version of WhatsApp will also enjoy a set of sexual as well as racially diverse emojis.

You will no longer have to stick to the Caucasian appearance that dominated the emoji menu in this messaging app as there are five additional colors to choose from.

Kika keyboard is the first app to represent WhatsApp emoji changes

Android devices usually come preinstalled with keyboard software. However, users still have the option of downloading a separate keyboard, install it and use it on their devices without any problems. One such keyboard is Kika, which also happens to be the first keyboard application to implement the changes WhatsApp has made to its emojis.

Kika Keyboard is a prevalent virtual keyboard that now features an automatic integration of these new emojis such that you can easily access them whenever you are not using WhatsApp. Before this update was rolled out, the emojis were only available via a WhatsApp emoji button that comes inbuilt with the app.

However, this is no more as users will now be able to use the Kika Keyboard to access the diverse racialemojis, the Vulcan Salute as well as the more sexually diverse symbols.

Considering that Kika Keyboard is the most popular keyboard app in the Google Play Store, it won’t take long before these emojis get a huge audience.

How to use WhatsApp emojis on Kika Keyboard

Kika Keyboard has a reported user base of more than 16 million users. With the addition of emojis from the most popular messaging app, the company hopes that it will be able to attract a larger audience to its platform.

For the more than 16 million users of the Kika Keyboard to be able to use these new WhatsApp emojis, they must first load a plugin known as EmojiOne. This plugin can be found in the settings page of this keyboard app. However, you must also ensure that you are using the latest version of Kika Keyboard from the Google Play Store.