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Viber is popularly known for its free calling services, both in the voice and video aspects of calling.

Also, millions of people make use of this app to send free messages to other users within and beyond borders.

One thing that deters Viber’s success around the world is its limited user base. The app is majorly used in Asian countries and since its introduction in 2010; the app has seen insignificant popularity in the West. It seems that Rakuten, the company that bought this app for a fee of about $0.9 billion, has finally realized the need to offer it’s the app’s services to the U.S. and other western nations.

New features have been flowing in with respect to iOS and Android users of Viber. Unlike WhatsApp, which usually rolls out separate updates for iOS and Android users, Viber has rolled out updates for the entire family. The new version and its new features are aimed at increasing the app’s user base in the U.S. as well as cement its position as a major VoIP, messaging as well as a business app in the region.

Improved performance for Android and iOS users

The new Viber version is equipped with a new UI where it is now much easier to place video calls and at the same time send a message to any of your contacts. Other than this, users of this messaging app will also be able to note huge improvements as far as voice calling is concerned as well as the HD-quality of videos during video calls. These changes affect both iOS and Android users.

Other features and improvements in Viber 5.5 for Android and iOS

The latest version of Viber 5.5 can be downloaded by any user of the app, be it on Android or iOS. The app is available in the official app store for each platform, and it is free. Other than the attractive UI you get the latest version, there are also a bunch of new additions, improvements as well as fixes that have been included.

The latest reports reveal that Viber users make up to 200 million video calls in a month. This is expected to get even better with the improvements in the video calling aspect of the new app.

Reduced data usage during Viber free calling

Just recently, WhatsApp made amends to the data usage issue that was affecting the voice calling functionality. In the new update, Facebook introduced a Call setting that lets users cut down on the amount of data being used during WhatsApp calls. The same is also happening with the latest version of Viber 5.5 for iOS and Android.

Viber has in the past been very popular with its lowdata rates when making voice and video calls. This is one aspect that has led to the app gaining rapid popularity at the expense of Skype, which is believed to be a massive data hog.

Nonetheless, the company is focused on even more data saving mechanisms thanks to the introduction of a low data usage feature. When on a 2G connection, the app will be using only 40KB per minute of thecall while 244KB of data will be required for the same duration of calling when on a 3G connection. With such a move, Viber will be able to expand extensively its user base in developing countries where internet connections are still poor.