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The launch of the Nexus 5 is approaching, as more leaked images showing the back of this device are surfacing, and the latest photo was posted by AndroidPIT. However, the LG logo is no longer seen at the bottom white rear panel of the device, as it was previously noticed in other leaked images, but according to the latest photo, it isn’t clear if the type C connector will be added to this device, we know for sure that it will have a fingerprint scanner. Xiaomi intends to bring the Mi5 by the end of the year and we can expect the top of the end specifications.

Nexus 5 2015

The Nexus 5 2015 is expected to make its appearance on September 29, but until then, we’ll gather more rumors about its specs, although most of them are already known. So, it is set in stone that the screen will measure 5.2-inch and will support a Full HD resolution, likewise the previous Nexus 5 built also by LG. The chassis will be made by plastic (to not increase the price too much) and will be available in three colors: white, black and blue, but the white variant has a black front and partially black sides.

Nexus 5 2015 vs. Xiaomi Mi5 2

Inside, it will hide a hexa core Snapdragon 808 processor which will be coupled with an Adreno 418 GPU and 3GB of RAM. The front camera will support a resolution of 12.3MP and thanks to TechTastic, which found a selfie of a guy who works for Google, taken with a phone which is considered to be the real Nexus 5 2015 (codenamed as BullHead), it was revealed that the front camera will be 5MP and will has an f/2.0 aperture.

The battery will be increased up to 2700mAh and, as expected, it will be non-removable, while the internal storage will be available in variants of 16GB and 32GB, most likely unexpandable.

Xiaomi Mi5

The phone didn’t come at the IFA 2015 electronics trade, but a leak representing the back made of glass made some waves on the internet. The edges appear curved and the design is very similar to that of the Galaxy Note 5. The screen is LCD sized at 5.2-inch and features a curved 2.5 D glass protected with Corning Gorilla Glass 4, but the resolution is QHD.

According to speculations, Xiaomi wants to bring the next Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 chipset to its device, but other rumors say that the Mi5 will settle for the current 810 processor which should be assisted by 3GB of RAM. Not all rumors agree, and it is believed that the company will add more RAM and will opt for an internal memory of 32GB.

The device will have a 16MP rear camera and a 13MP front camera and it will be powered up by a 3000 mAh battery which will support quick charging (from near zero to up to 30 percent, in 40 minutes).

In addition, the fingerprint is expected to be quicker than the Touch ID from Apple’s iPhones.

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