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Minecraft is one of the most successful games out there, and it’s available for PC, consoles and even smartphones. This game has a huge amount of fans playing it daily and the best thing is that it can be played by both kids and mature people without getting bored of it too fast.

We can clearly say that this is one of the games that you will enjoy playing with your kids and if you have a console, you should get the game right away and play it with your friends. Kids will also need to use their imagination, in order to construct buildings, which will help them in the future to be more creative.

It seems that Minecraft is getting better and better. The upcoming update that Minecraft will receive will bring the cross-platform multiplayer feature along with other features for the mobile version of the game.

According to a post from the Xbox website, the upcoming Minecraft 0.12.1 is awesome. The update will allow you to invite up to five friends and play cross-platform multiplayer on a local network between Minecraft: Windows 10 Edition BETA and Minecraft: Pocket Edition. In addition, the Minecraft: Windows 10 version allows you to play with up to five other friends on Xbox Live.

The new features that are found in the Minecraft: Pocket Edition version 0.12.1 contains controller support, controller mapping screen and revamped touch controls. In addition, you will also notice that the weather effects have been enhanced and now, the game includes directional rain and snow accumulation.

During Gamescon 2015, Mojang said that they wanted Minecraft to have a more unified play community and Windows 10 was the first step in that direction.

Are you going to play the Minecraft: Pocket Edition in multiplayer with your friends? Tell us your thoughts about the new features that Minecraft: Pocket Edition 0.12.1 comes with!