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Talkatone, one of the popular instant messaging apps, is getting huge popularity these days with the addition of VoIP features.

Today Talkatone is no more just an instant messaging app, it offers voice calling option to users through which they can make calls to their friends and family located in different parts of the world for free or at low cost.

However, this app has both pros and cons. Let’s have a look at them.


One of the biggest advantages of Talkatone that sets it apart from other VoIP apps is that users can send text messages, make voice and video calls and other social services to connect with those who have not installed Talkatone yet.

Unlike Viber or WhatsApp, where users can communicate with only those who have installed this app on their device, Talkatone makes an exception by allowing users to connect with those who don’t have Talkatone app on their mobiles and, therefore, making it possible for users to communicate both in and out of network.

Once the app is installed on your device, the app will ask for access to your contact list to enable its features. The app interface will show you features similar to your phone’s functionalities. These are contacts, favorites, keypad, recent menu, etc. therefore; this is a user-friendly app and users can easily operate it by following simple instructions.

With Talkatone, users can make both inbound and outbound calls for free or at low cost. Users need to pay credit 1 per minute for making international calls, which is much lower than ordinary phone call rates and at the same time allow users to make inbound voice calls for free. Furthermore, sharing pictures with Talkatone is made easy. Users can send and receive photos and videos for free. However, this feature is limited only to the Talkatone users that indicate you cannot send pictures to on-Talkatone users. Very soon, Talkatone will introduce a new version for its iOS users.

However, it does not mean that you cannot download this app on a tablet. Tablet users can download this app from Play Store for free and avail its features without facing any difficulty. In fact, you can make voice calls, send text messages and receive calls on your number while traveling in international countries. You just only need a trusted internet connection or WiFi, and you can save thousand dollars on your roaming calls.


It takes much time to call those people who have not installed Talkatone on their mobiles. You need to activate Google account, enable voice call option each time you use this app for calling. Talkatone offers caller ID display for only unknown users.

The voice calling feature of Talkatone does not offer crystal clear voice quality while making calls through this app. Some users have reported that they hear background noise while making calls on Talkatone. However, if you don’t pay much attention, then it will not bother you much.

Besides making voice calls, if you need to send a text message to any on-Talkatone user, you need to go through the same process again. This seems quite frustrating if you need to do the same process again and again. This is not just about frustration, but also time-consuming as it takes the time to enter the username and password each time when you need to send a message urgently.

This app shows banner add at the bottom of the screen that may distract users. Moreover, Talkatone is not free. Users need to pay $9.99 to update the version of Talkatone and enjoy its new features. Therefore, those who would like to make calls at no or low cost, this app is the best option.