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As most of you already know, Apple has released the iOS 8.4.1 for iPad, iPod Touch and iPhone devices. If you prefer to use a jailbreak on your iOS device, then we’re sure that you are already using the jailbreak that’s available for iOS 8.1.3, iOS 8.2, iOS 8.3 and iOS 8.4.

When iOS 8.4.1 was in beta, there were a lot of rumors saying that the TaiG jailbreak exploits are being patched by Apple and that the team of developers will not be able to jailbreak the upcoming iOS update.

Until now, TaiG hasn’t confirmed that Apple has patched its exploits, but if you prefer to use a jailbreak iOS version, you should stick to the iOS 8.4 version and wait until more information about the iOS 8.4.1 jailbreak update will be available.

Currently, you can update your iDevice to the iOS 8.4 (in case you haven’t already updated yet), because Apple is still signing this firmware. The iOS 8.4 update can also be downloaded from the internet.

If you are an iOS jailbreak user, then you should give the Cydia Impactor a try. This tool allows you to unjailbreak a jailbroken iOS device and return the operating system to the stock-lite state, without having to restore it using the iTunes.


According to some new rumors, Apple has already patched eight exploits in the iOS 8.4.1 that TaiG were using on iOS 8.4. This is why the TaiG team is asking the jailbreak users to not update iOS 8.4.1, at least not for now.

However, Team Pangu has successfully jailbroken iOS 8.4.1, and they’ve demonstrated it during the HackPwn2015 security conference. Apple has stopped signing the iOS 8.4 update, so you can’t downgrade from iOS 8.4.1 anymore!

Are you a jailbreak user? Have you updated your iDevice to iOS 8.4.1? Will you jailbreak the operating system once the jailbreak will be released for the wide public?