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OoVoo, the free video calling app, is generating complaints these days due to its advertising overlays.

The makers of this app are constantly working on the issue, and it is hoped to get resolved very soon. Here, we will discuss five major issues of ooVoo that are faced by users almost every day.

Five ooVoo problems with effective solutions

  • The camera stops working: This is one of the common issues faced by users while using ooVoo. While making video calls on ooVoo, the camera of the webcam stops functioning. For a while, you may think this is a problem of your device, but it is a problem of ooVoo which been tried to solve by the company. To avoid this problem on your mobile, you must check your audio and video device and then click to check the webcam. The app may select Windows as the default service that is not a webcam after all. Therefore, you must check the settings of the integrated camera of your device or laptop
  • Audio stops working: A host of reasons can be accountable for the poor ooVoo audio service. Check the audio settings of your device by clicking on the audio option. To test the microphone, you can use run a play preloaded on your device. You should close other apps that may use the microphone and make sure it is not muted
  • Contacts are not showing when logged in from Facebook: This problem is noticed mainly on mobile devices. To combat this issue, one must visit his phone’s settings then tap on Facebook to turn ooVoo in it. These steps are suggested for iOS users. The Android users need to log into Facebook from ooVoo’s user interface, then re-enter Facebook login id and password. One must ensure that permissions requested on the screen of ooVoo are authorized. If it does not work, try removing this app from the device and re-install it.
  • Video calls fail to connect: OoVoo advice to reboot the device every day to avoid this issue. It is also suggested to close other apps while making video calls. If you are using an Android device, go to settings and click on ooVoo app. After that, tap on clear data option and re-install the app.
  • Low video quality: This can be a problem of bandwidth. However, ooVoo exercises major control over bandwidth consumption. If you find pixel problem in a video call, click on ooVoo, go to settings and check its video resolution that always shows 640×480, you can drop down the resolution to minimum 176×144 pixels. You must also adjust the settings of your screen if you are facing the problem during screen sharing. The screen sharing can be changed at the bottom of the app

Besides these common problems, ooVoo also annoys its users by showing noisy advertisements. If you have opened several windows from your mobile, sometimes noisy advertisements from ooVoo play on the background of the app at the same time which sounds like a mess.

Sometimes, OoVoo runs a flash advertisement that ultimately slows down the device. These flash advertisements include unwanted sound, annoying animation that steal the bandwidth of your device and ultimately causes the slow running of the application.

Oovoo earns money by running these advertisements. But why should users bear these consequences. If ooVoo wants to increase its user base and to compete with other popular applications, it must provide better user experience and to do so, the company needs to resolve the above-mentioned issues and improve its features.

The chat app is promising, and more users are finding it an effective means of communicating with their friends and acquaintances. Devoid of these annoying ads ooVoo is certainly a great instant chat messaging app.