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Facebook has in the recent past been having or reaching a number of milestones.

After joining the world of digital assistants with the introduction of M, this social networking giant has again achieved another major milestone with another of its many acquisitions, WhatsApp.

Facebook took over WhatsApp back in February 2014 for an estimated fee of $22 billion. This is a figure that Mark Zuckerberg released for some reason (s), but we are yet to see anything monetary come from this application, apart from the $0.99 it charges for using the app from the second year running.

WhatsApp is close to 1 billion users a month

The CEO of WhatsApp, Jan Koum went to social media to break the news that this messaging app has now reached 900 million monthly active users. No other instant messaging app has achieved this before.

Facebook took over WhatsApp when it had a user base of a little over 430 million users. In the over one year the app has been in the social networking giant’s hands, it has managed to add more than 470 million users to its user base. In January, WhatsApp revealed that it had a user base of 700 million users. This figure rose to 800 million users in April, and as expected, the figure has now hit the 900 million mark. From the above revelation, it shows that this messaging app has gained more than 200 million users this year alone.

WhatsApp is yet to incorporate a business model in its services

There is no doubt that WhatsApp is the most popular messaging app with such kind of mind-boggling figures. On the contrary, many have come to its criticism because the app hasn’t incorporated any form of business model. This follows apps such as WeChat and LINE, all of which have fewer users than WhatsApp, but already make huge amounts of money from their services.

The developers of the application have always been negative minded about having ads on this messaging app, yet this is one of the best ways apps make money. Even though the app charges users a fee of $0.99 per year for using the app beyond the first year, this is clearly something that the Zuck is not interested in.

There are rumors that WhatsApp may add a payment service to the platform to compete with the likes of Apple Pay and Android Pay in making mobile payments. However, this cannot be in any way confirmed just yet.

Now that WhatsApp has over 900 million users, what Facebook is thinking to do with this huge population and thepotential market remains a puzzle. Keep following us and we will keep you informed of the latest news on Facebook’s WhatsApp and its monetization plans.