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WhatsApp is one of the most popular mobile messaging applications and it can be downloaded and installed on Android, iOS, Windows Phone, BlackBerry and Symbian phones. The developers of WhatsApp are usually releasing new versions of this awesome application for the two of the most popular mobile operating systems: iOS and Android.

However, they are still updating the application for other mobile operating systems and today we’re going to talk about the WhatsApp application for the Nokia S40 series, such as the Nokia Asha smartphones.

WhatsApp BETA 2.12.351, WhatsApp Nokia S60, WhatsApp

The latest WhatsApp application for Nokia Asha devices is 2.12.95 and it can be downloaded from the official WhatsApp website ( and installed on your smartphone device. The installation file of the WhatsApp 2.12.95 has been decreased by 100KB, which means that the developers are trying to optimize it.

The new update also fixes some bugs that were found in the previous versions of WhatsApp for Nokia Asha and S40 devices. The developers have also worked on translating the application.

However, the new WhatsApp 2.12.95 can’t be downloaded from the Nokia Store (now known as the Opera Mobile Store), since it is currently in BETA phase. Instead, you can download the installation file from the website (as we’ve told you above).

If you want to download the latest *STABLE* version of WhatsApp for your Nokia Asha device, just install the WhatsApp version that you find on the Opera Mobile Store. We remind you that, currently, the latest stable version of WhatsApp is 2.12.89.

How To Install WhatsApp 2.12.95 On Your Nokia Asha Device

After you install the WhatsApp 2.12.95 from the official WhatsApp website (you have the full link above), you will need to manually install the JAD file on your Nokia Asha device.

WhatsApp Nokia Asha

HINT: Make sure you that firstly uninstall the current WhatsApp application from your Nokia Asha device!

When the installation of WhatsApp 2.12.95 is complete on your Nokia Asha device, you will need to use your mobile phone number in order to get verified and you’re done!

Have you tested out the WhatsApp 2.12.95 version on your Nokia Asha device yet? Tell us your thoughts about it!