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Microsoft’s Xbox One console didn’t have the best of the start that was duly utilized by Sony. PS4 is still the best-selling console in almost every territory.

It’s one thing that every brand should learn from the Xbox division. Even though, they didn’t have the amazing start as expected, the team learned from their mistakes and started making the console better than ever.

A whole bunch load of features landed on it including increased hard drive space, unbelievable discounts, new special edition designs and more. The backward compatibility feature is one of the best on the Xbox One console. Ubisoft is among the developers who are going to make thebest use of it and have confirmed a huge list of titles coming to the console.

Confirmed Titles

Ubisoft’s list of Xbox 360 games that will have backward compatibility on Xbox One is huge. While it may take more time before all these titles are made compatible with the new generation console, it is up to the gamers to decide what they want. The official websites allow players to vote for their favorite games. If it makes the cut, it will be optimized so that it runs on the built-in emulator used on the Xbox One console.

The games include the entire Assassin’s Creed series including I, II and III, Brotherhood, Revelations, Driver San Francisco, Call of Juarez, Far Cry 2 and 3, Ghost Recon Future Soldier, Advanced Warfighter, Prince of Persia, Hawx, Rayman Origins, Splinter Cell series including Blacklist and Double Agent, Rainbow Six Vegas among a couple others.

Ubisoft has also released an image that shows some of the titles that are in contention for the backward compatibility feature. The company’s team may make some of the decisions while others will be picked up based on the number of votes they receive from gamers. – This is the Xbox forum where you should head to vote for your favorite games. The titles with the most number of votes will be the first to run on Xbox One followed by the second best and so on. It may take a long time before all these games are made compatible.

However, Phil Spencer confirmed that there will be 100s of titles that people already own scheduled to arrive on the new console. On the other hand, Sony confirmed that they have no plans to make PS3 games run on the PS4 console due to hardware constraints.