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Android is the world’s leading mobile operating system when it comes to popularity.

More than 75% of the mobile phones or rather smartphones that are in use today across the globe are powered by this Google-based operating system.

Many who use this mobile operating system cite its ease of use and simplicity as the main reason behind the app’s dominance. Also, the interface you get with this OS is very clean. In ensuring that users stay loyal to the platform, the developers of the operating system keep rolling out new updates with the latest features and developments with respect to the mobile industry.

Just last year, users of this OS saw an upgrade come their way in the shape of Android 5.0 Lollipop. This operating system continued the dessert naming trend of the company, and it brought the concept of material design along with it. This is the design that is currently being experienced in most Android apps, among them the Google Play Store, Google Hangouts as well as WhatsApp.

There is a new operating system coming out this year, and it happens to be the sixth installment of the OS. Android 6.0 Marshmallow is the new Android OS that is set to be released during this fall. The material design concept that came with Android M will continue with this new introduction in addition to making it better and faster in performance. In addition to the changes in MD, here is a list of the top 5 features that will be coming along with this improved MD concept in Android 6.0 Marshmallow.

Allowing and Denying permissions to apps

Apps have always had the habit of demanding certain permissions from users for them to work “effectively.” This aspect is no more with the new Android 6.0 M as users will now have the liberty of choosing what permissions to give to installed apps. In case you are not sure of whether to allow an app to access your personal details such as contacts, messages, and pictures, you can now easily choose not to agree to these permissions.

However, remember that the app asked for these permissionsto proceed with a certainprocess or command. Denying it permission to access certain features will mean that some aspects of the app will not work as expected. The good thing is that you can provide the app with access to these permissions and later on revoke them.

Customized Chrome tabs

There is no longer the need to switch from the current app to use a web browser to access a link that was shared within the app. All you need is to tap on the link, and the phone will run the browser along with the app. The Chrome custom tabs have come in to eliminate the need for launching a separate web browser and instead, users just get a web view right from within the application in use.

Android Pay

If Cupertino was thinking that it’s the only player in the mobile payment market with its Apple Pay service, well, sorry for that as Android 6.0 Marshmallow is bringing Android Pay to the platform. As long as your device is equipped with an NFC chipset, you will be able to make payments from anywhere.

According to Google, this application can be used to make payments at thousands of retail stores in the U.S.

The Doze feature

Battery issues have become a problem for most mobile phone manufacturers. They are finding it hard to come up with a battery unit that is large enough to power the device for a full day when in use. There are some companies who haveheaped the criticism on Google’s Android OS as one of the major battery consumers.

Google has moved in with a viable solution to this problem, and the company calls it the Doze feature. When in use, this feature will turn off all unused processes that are active, but this will only happen if the phone detects no activity for a period. Whenever it detects motion or activity on the phone, for instance, a notification or alarm, the Doze feature will switch off automatically and spring the process back to life. This is a cool way of minimizing your phone’s battery consumption.

Fingerprint scanner

Android 6.0 Marshmallow will be bringing the fingerprint scanner to Android. This feature will be very vital for the security and privacy of your data as well as when authorizing payments via Android Pay. This feature will also be used to lock apps, making the phone’s security even much better than in any of the previous versions.