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You will be glad to hear that Microsoft has come out with a new Skype Messaging app that is just right for the Windows 10 mobile variant. Even if the app is undergoing several tests and trials, this being in the well known beta testing phase, the app still needs a couple of elements to be included.

About the messaging Skype Beta

This mobile variant of Skype for Windows 10 is packed with all the selections that users use for the desktop version. So, you have the Audio and Video Calling, the Messaging features, the possibility of using various emoticons and of course there is the option of signing in with your own Microsoft account.

Skype Group Video Calling

It is very easy to get a hold of your call archives, text messages and of course SMS. What is also interesting about this Skype Messaging app is that it will have all of your SMS, MMS and IM gathered in one place, so that when you check one or the other you will no longer have to switch between these latter applications.

The new Skype beta includes two different apps as well, there is the  messaging app is and then there is the video one. Apparently the Skype Video app is a snappy comeback to FaceTime, the famous Apple app.

Needless to say that the ultimate mobile variant of Skype for Windows 10 will be experiencing various changes. Microsoft is planning on gathering opinions and feedback from its devotees. This is a good plan because it will definitely challenge the company to improve and optimize the app.

Skype UWP Windows 10

The plan behind this is to make Skype become slowly but surely an app that will function on every single Windows 10 device out there. Users worldwide can check their messages or calls on their computer, laptop, handset and of course tablet.

If you have Windows 10 mobile, go ahead and click on the Windows Store link and test out the Messaging Skype Beta.