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Everybody enjoys playing The Sims 4 because it’s the type of game that emulates reality. And sometimes it even helps gamers be someone else such as a cowboy, a singer etc. But let’s face it, it feels good to take a break from oneself once in a while, doesn’t it? One of the reasons players are really into this game is because it can be easily customized due to tons of mods available on Mod the Sims.

So, if you love mods and you want to see the best ones you can use for Sims 4, have look at this list:

Corky Hats & Heads

Attention all fashion addicts, this mod has been revealed by TwistedMexi and it permits Sims to rock funky objects on their heads or even better, the objects can be their heads. So, go crazy and pick the weirdest items if you want your Sim to be unique.


Male Sims Can Get Knocked-up

Yes ladies now in The Sims 4, males can give birth to babies. Because someone was smart enough to come up with a fun mod that allows men to get knocked-up in The Sims 4. This mod is available courtesy of Tanja1986.

TheAwakened Mind Trait Mod

TheAwakened Mind Trait mod designed by alan650 hits your Sim with some sort of Einstein type of brain and inexhaustible energy. The Sim also gets improved cognitive abilities and they never feel pain. So basically, like a robot. It’s worth a try!

Sims Wetting The Bed Is Fun

Sims are basically like babies, you need to care for their everyday needs and make sure they don’t forget to eat or go to the bathroom. When you neglect some of these needs, accidents like wetting the bed can occur.


Apparently, to your delight there is a mod from that permits your Sims (young or old) to continue wetting the bed. So if you want to play rough, this is a mod you can definitely have fun with.

Sign Up Your Sim For Twerk

If your Sims love to boogie, the Twerk dance-off is a pretty big deal for talented dancers. On Umpa Blog there is a mod that allows your Sim to try out some shaking movements that will blow away the competition.

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