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Google Hangouts 4.0 is the latest version of this Google-based instant messaging and calling app.

The app which now features as an out of the box app for devices running on Android 5.0 Lollipop and above, has in the recent past received numerous downloads from the Play Store thanks to the cool features that Google has been rolling out gradually.

The new Material Design concept has slowly crept into this platform, and it can easily be noticed in the fine and clean user interface displayed in the new version. However, if you haven’t yet updated to the latest Hangouts 4.0 on your Android device, there is areason not to do so now and instead, wait a little longer.

Hangouts 4.0 will stop working in certain conditions

The latest revelation is that Google Hangouts 4.0 has a bug that is preventing users from chatting with their friends, but only in certain conditions. So, if you were still deciding on whether to update to the latest version or stick with the older version, you’d better opt for the latter option for the time being.

The new Hangouts 4.0 might impress you with its newly simplified design and improved speed, ability to consolidate multiple accounts as well as its availability as both an instant messenger and an SMS app. However, the glitch, which was first reported by Android Police, is what should keep you looking out for the new and updated version.

Users must sign in to all Google Apps to access Google Hangouts 4.0

Users of the new Google Hangouts 4.0 will not be able to access their chat messages unless all of the Google accounts associated with this application have been signed into.

Technically, this might not be possible, but still the app won’t let you chat with your friends due to this bug. What it means is that just in case you haven’t signed into your Google Apps or Gmail account, you may not be able to access chats on the latest Google Hangouts 4.0.

How to go around the Hangouts 4.0 chatting glitch

This glitch has been reported by a number of users ever since the new version came to life last month. So, if you are looking for a quick solution to this problem, you better downgrade to the previous Hangouts 3.3.

Alternatively, you can also get rid of the blocked account. However, the problem is not expected to persist as the company will obviously be rolling out an update to take care of this bug as well as make more improvements and add new features.