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News about Fallout 4 will never stop because it is one of the most meticulously developed games in history. It has so much to offer.

While players often complain of titles that play less than 15 hours for the $60 they play, Fallout 4 will probably make you tired yet you will be craving for more. The game promises 400+ hours of gameplay that is a mammoth claim to make.

But, having invested over five years in developing it, it would be surprising if the developers didn’t create something so huge. New information confirms that the amount of artwork and dialog writing that went into the game is much bigger than Fallout 3 and Skyrim put together.

Both titles are equally big in their regards and the trendsetters on platforms when they got launched. However, the new launch is going to beat every record and set a brand new benchmark that game developers will find tough to beat for a while.

Over 111,000 Lines

When you purchase Fallout 4, get ready to listen to never-ending chatter from characters. The developers in their official Twitter handle confirmed that there will be more than 111,000 lines in the game. The team has completed the voice recording session. They confirmed the same on their tweet and added that with over 111k lines, it is easily larger than Fallout 3 and Skyrim combined.

The only catch is that when you simply finish the mission, you may not be able to experience all the dialogs. Instead, it is mandatory to become a seasoned player and spend time in completing every side mission, quest or goal the game may pose. Only when you manage to meet every character and talk everything, you will be able to experience the game as a whole.

Uncut Version in Germany

Game censorship is on the high right now especially in countries like Australia and China. Toavoid any legal issues and social tussle, the developers will release censored versions in specific parts of the world.

Germany is one country where titles often get censored, but Bethesda is all set to launch an uncut version of Fallout for the first time in Germany. The information was first revealed by a NeoGAF user. Players in the region will be able to experience the game without any cuts, modified models or any other changes.