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WeChat has recently announced the launch of a new channel called WeRun.

This channel will work as fitness tracker through which you will be able to know how many steps you have taken every day. You can also catch up with your friends on WeChat using the official account.

WeRun, the official fitness tracking channel of WeChat records the number of steps you take every day, provided the user allows the count. You will also get a message notifying how far you are from reaching your goal. If you think that a friendly competition motivates you in reaching your goal, you can also see your score on your dashboard along with scores of your friends. Moreover, you will get the option to share your points and ranks with friends and can also post your ‘rank’ on “moments”.


If you score number one on the leader board at the end of any day, you will get the chance to change the cover photo of your friend’s leader boards. This is an advantage or reward for the winners of the competition.

What is the use of WeRun? Why is it required?

We all want to stay fit but we know it takes a lot to stay fit and healthy. For many, keeping a routine fitness program proves a hazardous task. Therefore, WeChat comes with a fitness tracking channel called WeRun that help you to maintain your fitness program and keep you fit and healthy. This is a preinstalled app in WeChat. Now you don’t need to spend thousands of dollars on a dedicated fitness tracker and pay a third party for monitoring the fitness program.

The app WeRun is already integrated in WeChat, one of the popular instant messaging apps, that monitors every step you take daily and help you to maintain your daily routine fitness program. This app has been launched in February 2015 and it was confined only to the users of China. Now this app has been released for its users across the globe.

With the launch of this fitness app, WeChat has introduced some other services to cater to the needs of the users. After the Nepal earthquake, it launched a payment channel through which the users can pay donation to earthquake victims in support of UNICEF, without any need to leave the app.

Features of WeRun

WeRun has lots of features. The best feature it has is that you can keep records of strides you make in a day without feeling the need of leaving the app. The social aspects of the app will also remain the same through which you will be able to share your score and rank with your friends and can match up with the scores of some of your friends following the official account WeChat. The users can even publish their results on “Moments”.


Furthermore, in this app, it is possible to set daily targets and you will get a daily message notifying how far you are from reaching the target. However, you cannot automate this feature. You must authorize the app to record the steps.

The best feature of WeRun is that you don’t need to download this app alone. You just need to click on follow and create your own account.

WeChat is getting huge popularity for its effort of establishing this app as a multi-functional one rather than only a messaging app. Whether it is making a reservation or hailing a taxi, WeChat is always at your service catering to the needs of people. With all these apps and features, WeChat is establishing a brand new era in the world of messaging.