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This fall season is one that brings some of the best releases regarding Apple gizmos. According to all the rumors and innuendoes, the MacBook Pro 2016 will be one of those major releases that will happen either in September or October.

As for the Microsoft Surface Pro 4, this will definitely be launched in the month of October. So if you’re curious to know which one is worth investing in, don’t stop reading.

MacBook Pro 2016

Microsoft Surface Pro 4 vs. MacBook Pro 2016

All evidence points to the fact that the Surface Pro 4 device will come out in 2 distinct screen sizes. One of them will have a 12-inch screen while the other one will deliver either a 13 or a 14-inch display.

As for the operating system, the Surface Pro 4 will have Windows 10 and because of this OS, the device will can enable the desktop mode as soon as you plug in the keyboard. According to other online sources, the Microsoft Surface Pro 4 will also roll out with a top- notch battery.

Besides an improved battery life span, under the hood the gizmo will be powered by an Intel Skylake chip. And last but not least, the Microsoft Surface Pro 4 is presumed to have and 8 MP snapper and 16GB RAM.

Microsoft Surface Pro 4, Microsoft, Surface

MacBook Pro 2016 on the other hand, will contain an Intel Skylake processor under the hood as well as IMC that will offer support for DDR4 and DDR3. This device will also be found in two versions.

The stellar edition will sport a 15-inch display and 516 GB internal storage as well as 8 GB RAM whereas the other version will have a 13-inch screen, only 4 GB RAM and 128 GB internal capacity. As a bonus, the Retina Display and the Force Touch element will be included in the MacBook Pro 2016. So, it’s definitely a coin toss between these two devices.