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This new app Telegram is giving tough competition to WhatsApp.

It allows you to play songs and videos from different sources such as Sound cloud, Vimeo and YouTube without leaving the app. You just need to tap on the link and can watch video or listen to music without leaving the app.

Telegram is a highly cloud based and encrypted app. Still, the users are worried about its security applications. Just because the makers of it claim that this app is secured, it does not mean your messages cannot be saved or copied. However, it is true that having a stronger base lowers the risk of security breach. If you are a user of WhatsApp, then you must pay a look at telegram.


If you consider the security features of Telegram with WhatsApp, you will get to know some of the interesting features that will surely make your experience better than WhatsApp. Let’s see how Telegram is more secure than WhatsApp.

Features of Telegram Vs WhatsApp

  1. The makers of this app are very much sure about its security protocol. They claim that if anyone can breach the security protocol of telegram, he/she will get $ 200,000 in bounties. On the other hand, WhatsApp is more prone to hacks and attacks and therefore, security can easily be breached by the hackers.
  2. The telegram application is faster than WhatsApp. Of late, some complaints are coming against WhatsApp that it is getting slow. It takes much time to share any video or photo, whereas, Telegram is much faster in sharing photos, videos and songs. In fact, those who are using Telegram for a long time said this application never goes down.
  3. Telegram allows you to do secret chat. With this messaging platform, users can send end to end encrypted message with self-delete option. You just need to go to the contact, select any person and enable secret chat.
  4. Telegram stores chat history in its cloud server which can only be accessed by an authorized user number. On the other hand, messages in WhatsApp messages can easily be retrieved even after deleting.
  5. Unlike WhatsApp, Telegram never shows advertisements. It is not a profit making organization and therefore it does not charge its users for using it. Rather they ask for donation.
  6. Users can safely keep their data. This Telegram app is a highly encrypted security application so that no one can ever try to index your data or use it to get better results.
  7. The Telegram app is available for desktop users and it is the best feature of this app. On the other hand, WhatsApp has a closed operating system for desktop computers. Telegram runs on API and therefore, one can download this app easily to desktop computers.

For all these features, it is claimed that Telegram has better security features than WhatsApp.

Growing Popularity of Telegram

In these days, the demand for secret chat in Telegram is growing at a very fast pace. Like other instant messaging apps, Telegram also bears the risk of sharing data online. Still, telegram has more than 40 million users across the globe and of late business organizations are using this app to send nearly one million messages every day.

telegram (1)

However, Telegram has not got much popularity in the United States, still it received worldwide acceptance within a limited period of time.

Therefore, it can easily be concluded from the above discussion that Telegram is a useful app to send pictures, videos and multimedia messages on Windows, Android and iOS and at the same time it is a security alternative to WhatsApp, Line and other messaging applications.