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A big Apple event is going down on Wednesday in San Francisco. The exact location is the Bill Graham Civic Auditorium where Tim Cook, the Apple CEO will expose the Apple TV set, 3 brand new handsets and a premium tablet.

The iPhone 6S, iPad Pro and more news

The iPhone 6S will come out with an enhanced battery life duration and the Force Touch screen. There might be some comments and talks about the new iOS 9 as well as the OS X.

iPhone 6S and 6S Plus

Those of you who are interesting in the Apple wearable tech should know that the Apple Watch will also be in the limelight at this event. And we cannot forget to include the iPad Pro device which will surely stir up some waves.

According to tattletale, the storage capacity for the iPad Pro will be 64 GB, but there will also be a 128 GB variant for those who need more space.

However this will imply a higher price tag as well. But some might consider the 12.9-inch behemoth tablet a good purchase. Another great thing about this device is that users can work with two apps running simultaneously showcased on the same display. As far as the processor is concerned for the iPad Pro, this will be a brand new A9X.

iphone-6s-commercial (1)

Now, moving on to the not so awesome news regarding the iPad Pro device. You know that amazing Force Touch stylus that you thought will come straight out of the box along with the device? Well, apparently it will not.

If you want the fancy stylus, you will have to purchase individually. And the bad news goes on: the same thing applies to the keyboard. You will have the standard Apple Wireless one and the fancy one that can also be transformed into a case.

But if you come to think of it, this is a classic Apple strategy. The company never mixes accessories with its gizmos. As far as costs, the iPad Pro device might end up costing you $1,000.

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