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In a period of a little over six years, WhatsApp has transformed the communication world with its fantastic instant messaging services.

The app has successfully revolutionized the communication habits of almost a billion people from all over the world.

People no longer depend on the sluggish SMS for messaging purposes; instead, the internet has taken control of everything with WhatsApp at the center of more than 64 billion messages being exchanged on a single day.

WhatsApp will tell you who you message most

WhatsApp was bought by Facebook in February 2014 for a whopping fee of a little over $19 billion. Since this mega takeover, the developers of the application have been adding more features to the platform, all of which have been embraced by the millions who use this app to keep in touch.

WhatsApp middle finger

One major feature that caught the attention of many was the blue ticks function. With this feature, users of WhatsApp were finally able to know if their friends had read their messages. Whenever the two ticks against a conversation turn blue, it means the recipient has opened and read the message.

Facebook has once again secretly introduced a new feature that lets users tell who their real friends are. There is a hidden feature that is buried deep in the app’s settings menu and using this feature, you can easily tell the person you communicate with most using this app.

WhatsApp secret feature only available on iOS v2.12.3 and above

Getting to know the persons you message most using WhatsApp is not hard. Just open the application on your iPhone and press Settings>Account>Storage Usage. Here you will see details of the number of WhatsApp messages you’ve sent as well as ranks of the contacts and groups with respect to the number of interactions shared between the two of you.

WhatsApp 2015, WhatsApp, WhatsApp TipsWhen you tap on the “Size” tab, you will get details of the person you have been messaging most or rather, the person you’ve spent most data on. This feature was secretly introduced on version 2.12.3 that was made available in June. The update was designed to let users know the amount of storage space each chat is taking on the device.

Facebook-owned WhatsApp recently made an announcement that the app had reached 900 million monthly active users, up from 800 million in April. With such huge figures at its disposal, it only remains to be a matter of time before we see monetary services being offered on this world-popular instant messenger.