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The 5th installment of GTA was long overdue and fans have been waiting for this release for 2 whole years. But, now things are looking up as a new brand sequel might be coming up, GTA 6.

However, the date for this release is still a big blur and everything that is spreading out there all consists of mere innuendoes and assumptions.

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But, one thing is certain and that is the excitement surrounding the GTA 5 game, especially since the Rockstar Company has unveiled some new fixes and enhancements. Of course, every GTA fanatic will receive the new GTA 6 with open arms.

The hearsay surrounding the game states that there might be a female personage involved in this new installment. Eva Mendes might be the voice behind the character in the game. But for now, players can only dream, because there is no proof to back up this statement.

To continue the series of rumors regarding the GTA 6 game, some reports out there claim that there might be full USA maps included in the GTA 6, well at least this is what Tech4Gamers suggests in an online report.


However, MoviePilot considers this to be a big challenge for Rockstar to put into practice. Here is what the latter source stated in a post: “Driving from one city to another could be a real chore, especially if it’s just filled with country side and nothing much to do in between”. Coming with its personal comment to the gossip surrounding the US maps matter, Leslie Benzies, in charge of Rockstar North says the following: “Of course at some point we would like to have one big world containing all our cities and let the player fly between them and revisit their favorite areas.”

But unfortunately, the GTA 6 sequel will not be revealed any time soon. Benzies states that a year is not sufficient to come out with a good enough game, that is why the Company isn’t reveling a new one every year.

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