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If you have an Android tablet, then one of the reasons why you bought it was to be able to view or create documents, sheets or slides. Tablets have large screens, so it’s not very tiring for the eyes to stay focused at the blank page while writing a text, or when introducing data into sheets etc.

So, which suite do you use on your Android tablet: Google Docs or Microsoft Office? Below, there’s a comparison between their productivity apps.

Word vs. Docs

If you have been using Microsoft Word on your computer/laptop, you’ll see that the mobile version is familiar. It’s feature-rich, but there are some things you won’t like about it, such as the overview perspective, when opening a file. Instead of being able to edit the text right away, you will need to pinch and zoom in, while heading to the desired spot. You can also save the changes to the cloud, whether you’re using Dropbox or OneDrive.

Microsoft-Office (1)

Google Docs has doesn’t have many features and you’ll be frustrated, because you won’t be allowed to add in images, but if you like the minimalistic approach, then you will enjoy working with this application, as it loads fast and you can start writing immediately. In addition, it has the auto-save option, so you won’t need to worry about losing your text, in case you run out of battery.

Excel vs. Sheets

Excel is great because it integrates the ribbon very well and you have easy access to the formulas, which are located in a dedicated tab containing colored labels. Google’s Sheets offers formulas, as well, but to get to them, you must hit the button from the button left. Google allows multiple users to collaborate on a Sheets file, and each person can make changes to the original file, such as inserting images or charts, freezing panes, rows or columns.

PowerPoint vs. Slides

So, which presentation will look better: the one created with PowerPoint or the one created with Slides? The answer is the first option, because the application has more features and allows you to create the presentation from zero.


There are a bunch of templates and effects for slides to choose from, so you can create a professional presentation which can be presented in front of a wide audience, by connecting the tablet to a projector. To move from a slide to another, you’ll use your finger or a stylus.

Slide has fewer options, as it allows you to create a simple and white presentation with texts, shapes and lines, but nothing else.

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