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Facebook is a leading provider of social networking services.

The company has more than 1.5 billion users on its main social networking platform, but it also adds to this with users from other messaging apps it owns.

In 2012, Facebook introduced a new application known as Facebook Messenger. This app was meant for instant chatting purposes for smartphone users. However, the app did not gain much popularity due to the presence of the chatting service in the main Facebook mobile app.

To take care of this problem, Facebook tried the impossible by making it a mandate to download the app in case anyone needed to keep chatting with their friends via the phone. At the time, many complained about this move, citing Facebook as a bully that is trying to force them into using something they hadn’t signed up for.

Facebook SMS

However, things began changing with time, and the app kept gaining popularity thanks to the many new features the developers have been adding.

Facebook Messenger is popular than YouTube, Skype and Twitter

A recent report puts Facebook Messenger as the second most downloaded application on smartphones. This is based on the Android and iOS platform, with only its parent company’s mobile app being making it past this messaging app.

According to the stats, the main Facebook app managed a massive 73.3 % of all app downloads while the Messenger app came in second with an astounding 59.5%. Google’s YouTube wasn’t that far behind as it followed in at position 3 with a download rate of 59.3%. Another of Facebook’s app on the list of most downloaded applications is WhatsApp, which came in at number 4 while Instagram also made the cut on the list of top 10 most downloaded smartphone apps.

Facebook OS X Messenger App, Facebook OS X Messenger, Facebook OS X

Even though millions were against this move by Facebook to make this messaging service a standalone app, it seems they have turned their back on the words they said. As of now, there are more than 700 million people who actively use this Facebook Messenger app on a monthly basis and if things stay as they are, we may soon see an announcement that the app has now reached more than 800 million users.

Wherever he is seated, the Zuck is quite happy with his move as it seems it is finally paying off.