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Those of you who are excited about the release of a new iPad Air device should lower your expectations because this will not become a reality. However, not all is grey.

Rumor has it that the iPhone 6S device will come out at the same exact costs as well as storage options just like the iPhone 6 in 2014. Some even claim that the iPad Mini 4 will be the only device to be launched while the iPad Pro is believed to take a lot more time until it rolls out.

iPad Pro vs. Microsoft Surface Pro 3

Apparently, big sales are happening and they are targeting the iPad Air 2 and the iPad Air. These markdowns are up to $100. These major discounts only reinforce the assumptions that the iPad Pro device will soon be unveiled.

In other news, the features that are presumed to be included in the iPad Air 3 device are mind blowing. The device might sport a 9.7 inch Retina display with 4:3 aspect ratio. Under the hood, an A9 processor will be included and the storage capacities include 16, 64 as well as 128 GB. The device will run on iOS 9 and it will house an 8 MP iSight camera at the rear while the front one will be a 2.1 MP camera.

ipad-mini-4 (1)

The iPad Mini 4 will come out as the slimmer variant of its current sibling. It will also contain a faster A chip and users will have support for the split-screen applications (the ability to use two different applications at the same time) plus enhanced camera specs. Regarding the iPad Pro device, this will run on iOS 9.1, Force Touch will be included as well as speakers.

So, the event scheduled by Apple on the 9th of September will definitely be an interesting one to attend. Besides the launching of brand new iPhone handsets, Apple will also unveil the Apple TV set, fresh bands for the wearable tech, we are referring here to the  that Apple Watch and of course the big iPad unveiling.