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WeChat is a very popular app with a following of more than 600 million people.

The app has doubled its fame in the recent past thanks to its abilities in the ecommerce world, quality voice and video calling as well as joining the fitness world with a new app known as WeRun.

WeChat is however not very popular in the U.S. as it is in China. A product of Tencent, this messaging app was meant for use in China alone, but it grew its stature and with time, it became a globally universal app.


Today, there are a significant number of people using this application outside China and Asia and for sure, the app will soon be deeply rooted into the U.S. market thanks to the recent improved marketing efforts in the country and the continent in general.

WeChat for Windows Phone is free

WeChat is a free to download and install app. Furthermore, you don’t need to pay for anything when using the app as it is totally free of any charges. Provided that your phone has a Wi-Fi internet connection, you can talk and message as long as you want. It doesn’t matter where you are located, all it matters is that you and your friend must be using the same WeChat app on your phones; otherwise, it will not be possible for the two of you to communicate via this app.

WeChat offers some of the best qualities when it comes to sound and pictures. This is why you will enjoy making voice and video calls using WeChat.

Latest WeChat update brings minor bug fixes to Windows Phone

The latest version of WeChat for Windows Phone comes in with a bunch of new bug fixes, but brings in nothing much as far as new features are concerned. Nonetheless, the users of Windows Phone can now smile as they can put aside all issues that were troubling them with respect to bugs and errors during WeChat calling and messaging.


This update brings some major fixes to the previously added features that include the ability to record short videos and share them with other WeChat users. Furthermore, you will no longer experience buggy performances when adding tags to contacts in order to ease their retrieval.

WeChat download available in Windows Phone Store

If you own a Windows Phone smartphone and you use WeChat, it is time you rushed into the Windows Phone Store to get yourself a copy of this new edition of the app for free. Download it now to start enjoying the error-free and bug-free version on your Windows Phone gizmo.

The iOS and Android users have already received fixes to these erroneous features and they can be accessed via the official iTunes App Store and Google Play Store respectively.