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The 6th generation Core processors which were codenamed Skylake, will power up smartphones, computers with the size of a USB stick and high-end computers specially created for gaming. The new processors will deliver an improved battery life and graphics that are thirty times better, being optimized for 4K videos.

The new Skylake processors will handle the new H.265 video codec, which will allow the 4K video files to be streamed at the best picture quality, but using less data.


There aren’t many processors that can handle it, but the Skylakes processors will be able to deliver high-quality video (4K content) to Ultra HD displays.

There are many hardcore gamers who like to test the limits of their processors, so Intel made some of its mobile device chips to support overclocking, which means that they will perform calculations at a faster rate, but they won’t heat up.

In the coming months, Intel will release 48 variants of its new processor, but the company advised the manufacturers to not promote their new computers by talking about their specs, but instead, they should talk more about the add-on facilities, such as the Intel RealSense depth camera with a sensor at which the users must look in order to log into their Windows 10 PCs; support for the Ready Mode technology – allowing people to use their voices in order to wake their computers; by adding a WiGig chip, the laptops and tablets will no longer need plug-in cables in order to connect to external displays.


Until now, Intel wasn’t interested in making chips for smartphones, but the company will pay more attention to this industry and, next year, they will come with a range of mobile chips.

Currently, Qualcomm is the biggest manufacturer of smartphone chips, having over 80 percent of the market share and it will be very hard for Intel to get a piece of the market share with its Skylake processors for phones.