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Apple’s exclusive event is coming fast and when the new series of iPhones is introduced, a new trick could be coming to light where users will have an entirely changed experience when interacting with their iPhones.

This feature is known as Force Touch. Users of the Apple Watch are already enjoying this technology alongside with those using MacBooks as well as the latest touch pads. There is no doubt that this feature will be the selling point for the upcoming iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S Plus.

The Force Touch technology is expected to bring along some alterations in the way people use the iPhone and here are some of the ways this is going to happen.


Users of the Apple Watch are already enjoying a new submenu that is brought up by Force Touch once they press down on the screen, just like they would do with a standard button. The company uses this technology to bring functionality to a very small screen that has limited space for swiping and gestures.

iPhone 6 Plus

This is something that is expected to come to the iPhone once the new models are rolled out, bringing a fashionable and very helpful navigation trick that will make this device unique.

Haptic feedback

Users of the Apple Watch and MacBooks enjoy subtle physical feedback with Force Touch. These touchbacks can be heard when using apps such as Photos, GarageBand, Maps and many others. Apple noted that the Watch will be the most personal device yet, but it seems some of this connection is coming to iPhone 6S and 6S Plus.

We might see a case where the iPhone 6S might get a little haptic feedback when you press the button for sending an email or maybe posting an update.

WhatsApp Web iPhone

Web page previews definitions and other extras

As noted earlier, Force Touch is also available on MacBooks, but it is only possible via the Taptic Engine. This engine measures the amount of pressure that is applied when pressing down the screen. This technology allows users to bring up web page reviews when viewing links, bring up definitions and many other extras.

When it comes to iPhone 6S or iPhone 6S Plus, we expect this Force Touch technology to work like this: When you open a message in your mailbox, and it has a link, you could easily force touch the link in order to get a preview of the site, copy the link or even share this link with your friends. When in Maps, this technology can be used to preview a location you are trying to view.