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Even though Google is a very popular company that has all of its services widely spread across numerous nations, the services of this company are restricted in China.

Those living in this country cannot access the services of the Google Play Store as anyone else would do in their countries.

The Chinese government went on a banning spree with respect to numerous Internet services, among them Google and WhatsApp. This led to the emergence of a Chinese messaging and calling app known as WeChat, but this app also faced the same fate at some point.

Google Play Store, Chromecast ,  Android TV,

Google was banned from the country due to cyber-attacks that had been targeting users of Gmail as well as a clash between the two parties over censorship.

Google to launch an online shop for Android apps

The Wall Street Journal reveals that Google and Chinese authorities are currently locked in talks regarding a famous return of the company’s services to the country. Google is working on introducing an online shop where all users of Android-powered devices can download and install apps from.

If these discussions end up successful, it will mark Google’s return to China after an absence of about five years since it moved its operations from China’s mainland to Hong Kong back in 2010.

Gmail and other Google services are currently blocked in China

Since the issues of censorship and the cyber-attack that targeted users of Gmail, this service has never been available in China. It is not just Gmail which is not available in this country; you will also not be able to use a bunch of Google-based services, including accessing the Chinese version of the Play Store.

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Surprisingly, Google’s Android OS is available for free to all Chinese smartphone and mobile gadgets manufacturers. If this plan goes through, it will be good news for this manufacturers and local smartphone users as they will be able to access the local version of the Play Store.

It has been more than a year since Google started working on this project of making a comeback in China. As noted earlier, it will be a massive boost for the company and Android smartphone users in this country.