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According to Bethesda, the upcoming Fallout 4 game has more than 111.000 lines of dialogue, which is more than The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim and Fallout 3 combined. That’s a bit too much for a game such as Fallout 4.

However, it seems that this was made possible thanks to the consoles that are now using the Blue-ray disc, instead of the old DVD9 formats.

Windhelm_Skyrim (1)

Xbox One and PS4 have access to blu-ray capacity, which means that the consoles are able to open up the games that store 25GB of data on a single layer or 50GB on dual layer disc.

This not only proves that games such as Fallout 4 can afford to include high-resolution geometry and textures, but it also means that the developers can include a lot more audio data in the game, such as: music, voice acting or sounds effects.

If you think that 50GB is a lot, then we remind you that the GTA 5 on PC requires 60GB of free space and if Rockstar will want to push the limits, the upcoming GTA 6 will require up to 100GB.

However, 111.000 lines of dialogue that Fallout 4 will come with, is a bit too much and we’re sure that actors have “wasted” a good amount of time for them. We remind you that you will not hear most of the dialogues because they will differ from each choice that you make in the game’s story.

Fallout 4 The Wanderer, Fallout 4

Fallout 4 comes with multiple endings and side-quests, which made Bethesda to focus a lot on the dialogue part of the upcoming game. Well, hopefully, the quantity will match the quality or else the gamers will be very disappointed.

The Fallout 4 will be released for PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4 this fall, on November 10, 2015.