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Enthusiasts of Apple products are readying their wallets and bank accounts as they expect the company to roll out some of the best smartphones this coming Wednesday.

Apple has chosen the San Francisco-based Bill Graham Civic Auditorium, which has a capacity of 7,000 seats, as the main venue for the event. This is contrary to the smaller Yerba Buena Center for Arts the company usually holds this event from, which has only 800 seats. It means that this event will be bigger.

What to expect from Apple’s event this coming Wednesday

There are lots of questions doing rounds asking why Apple chose this event. While there is no official statement from the company, citing why this enormous venue was chosen to replace the smaller venue, there is some history that pulls these two parties together.

iPhone 6S vs iPhone 7

Back in 1977, the late Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak launched Apple II at this Civic Center. But what can we expect this time?

iPhone 6S and 6S Plus will be released

The upcoming event will be used by the company to bring out the new models of iPhones, believed to be iPhone 6S and another variant of the Plus model known as iPhone 6S Plus. Many pundits have predicted that these devices will maintain the same size as the current crop of iPhone flagships. However, there is still doubt as to whether Cupertino will increase the number of megapixels in the camera as well as enhance the display. There is also an unfounded rumor that the iPhone 5C might also get a replacement.

Force Touch technology

Apple introduced a new technology with the Apple Watch and named it Force Touch. You will also find this technology on the latest touch pads as well as MacBooks. Using this technology, it is possible to tell the strength of a press on the screen such that users can make use of hard and soft touches to execute different actions.

What else can we expect?

Well, one thing that we should expect to see come to an end is the 3-month trial period for the Apple Music app. There is probably something good coming with respect to this streaming app.

iPhone 5S, 6, 6S, 6 Plus, Apple

Don’t be surprised if you see Dr. Dre at the Apple event as a musical guest thanks to the fact that he is a new Apple executive with a new album. Apple usually has the tendency of inviting such guests when making its announcements.

There is also another rumor flying around regarding the Apple TV, suggesting that we might be in for a new hardware. This will come as a sigh of relief as this hardware has hardly been seeing updates come its way. However, some pundits still think that the new Apple TV will not be launched due to the existing licensing agreements that haven’t been worked on just yet.