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WeChat instant messaging and calling app has recently announced a new app known as WeRun, and this app is intended to monitor the movements of the app’s users. In short, WeChat is no longer just your communication tool, but it is also your fitness tracker.

The idea here is that WeRun will take into account all the steps you make in aday and give you a record of your daily progress. Using this WeRun app, users of WeChat will also be able to see the steps covered by their friends who are also using the fitness app via their official account.

How it works

WeRun is a new application that is currently available in China alone. However, it is expected that users from other parts of the world will soon get a taste of this fitness app. If you are dreaming about using WeRun, you better start getting familiar with how the app works.


The application will, first of all, ask for your permission before it proceeds with recording the number of steps you make in a single day. The WeRun-WeChat official account will then keep a record of your daily steps, and you can brag to your friends about this result. The app also lets you set daily targets, and it helps you in achieving this goal by sending you notifications with details of the number of steps remaining for you to achieve your set target.

Using the WeChat Moments feature, WeRun users can share their status as far as the steps covered in a day are concerned where other users can also bring up theirs. The leaderboard will display all the details and from here, you can take note of how your friends are performing and maybe borrow something from them.

When you are impressed with your friends’ progress, you can like, share or even publish their results on WeChat Moments for everyone else to see.

WeRun is compatible with other fitness trackers

WeRun is just coming into the world that is dominated by wearables that honestly do this fitness tracking job quite amazingly. It would have been hard for it to break into the niche without making its platform open to compatibility. It is why the app can be paired with other fitness trackers via the official WeRun-WeChat account, but it only works for select wearables.


WeChat has more than 606 million users from all over the world, however, a majority of this group is found in China and Asia in general. Even though WeRun is a great addition to WeChat, it might get the popularity the app expects it to get when it comes to Western and European countries.

Nonetheless, it is only time that can tell how this feature fares on in the highly competitive fitness trackers’ niche.